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AQUAGUARD 5000® Product Information

A Single Coat Application


AQUAGUARD 5000® is formulated to be "spray" applied to steel, concrete or fiberglass surfaces in a single coat application.

This is a two component system: Resin and Activator.

Product Use:

Chemical resistant protective coating for pool surfaces and other aquatic features such as fountains, spas and ponds.

Performance Benefits:

  • 10 Year warranty, Roll-on
  • 15 Year warranty, Spray-on
  • Thick, durable wear-resistant finish
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Smooth non-porous finish
  • No Fiberglass cloth required
  • Strengthens concrete and seals leaks
15 Year warranty, Spray-on


High performance, 100% solids, epoxy phenolic resin with proprietary alkali curing agents. Formulated as a high-build system designed to be spray applied in a single coat, or as a three (3) coat "roll-on" process.

Reinforced with proprietary additives for physical strength, AQUAGUARD® demonstrates superior adhesion to cementitious, fiberglass, and steel surfaces.

Physical Properties:

Flexural Strength 8-10,000psi
Compressive Strength12-14,000psi
Tensile Strength 5,000psi
Bond Strength 2000+psi
pool refinishing
Superior Adhesion

Recommended Thickness:

40-60Mils.,DFT Spray-on
20-30Mils.,DFT Roll-on

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